In Game of Blame you must tell the Queen why her Realm is on the brink of ruin... then blame everyone else!

Raise issues, make accusations and dodge your responsibilities in this fast-paced, back-stabbing card game for 2 to 4 players.

Each player starts as one of six Roles, each of which comes with a specialisation and is represented with a card.

Everyone's got Issues

There are 42 Issues cards, marked with one or two Emblems. An Issue with an Emblem that matches your current Role is your Responsibility.

Issues are taken from the Draw pile into your Hand and played from your hand onto the Blame pile.

Issues can also be buried from your Hand into your Secrets pile.

  • If a player accuses you and the Blame pile contains more Issues of your Responsibility than theirs, you must take the Blame (all the cards in the Blame pile).
  • At the end of the game, only the Issues in your Hand that are your Responsibility count towards your final score. The higher your score, the worse your situation.


There are six Treason cards in Game of Blame. A Treason card is a serious Issue that counts as having all Emblems when played to the Blame pile.

You can only play a maximum of one Treason card on your turn. Each Treason card in your Hand add 6 points to your final score.


Secrets are Issues that are removed from play and 'buried' face down under your Role card. This Secrets pile does not count towards your Hand or your final score. Your Secrets do not move if your Role is swapped.

'Her Majesty will see you now' (take a turn)

  1. Play up to 3 cards from your Hand onto the Blame pile, face up and one at a time
  2. Each card played must share at least one Embelm with the card beneath it.
  3. Once you play a card, you cannot take it back. If you make a mistake, you must take the Blame.
  4. The number of cards you played determines what you must do next.

If you play...

No cards

You must Draw 3 cards into your Hand.

1 card

You must Draw 1 cards into your Hand.

2 cards

You must Swap 2 Role cards. See Below.

3 cards

You must ACCUSE another player. See Below.

No cards

You must Draw 3 cards into your Hand.

1 Card

You must Draw 1 cards into your Hand.

2 Cards

You must Swap 2 Role cards. See Below.

3 Cards

You must ACCUSE another player. See Below.

Swapping Roles

  1. After playing 2 cards you must swap the locations of the two Role cards whose Emblems match the top card of the Blame pile.
  2. If the top card has only 1 Emblem, you choose the other Emblem to swap with. If the top card is a Treason card you choose both Emblems.
  3. You can swap two players' Roles (including your own) or a player's Role with an untaken Role.
  4. Once you have swapped the Roles, your turn ends and the next player takes their turn.

Accusing a Player

  1. After playing 3 cards you must accuse another player.
  2. You cannot accuse a player who has no cards in their Hand. If there are no players you can legitimately accuse, you must take the Blame yourself!
  3. You and the accused player must go through all the cards in the Blame pile. Count up the cards that are your Responsibility (match your Role's Emblem) and those that are the accused player's Responsibility.
  4. If the accused player has more Responsibility than you, they must take the Blame. If the Responsibility is equal or you have more Responsibility than the accused, you must take the Blame.

Take the Blame!

When you are told to take the Blame you must take all the cards from the Blame pile in your Hand. Then, everyone except the player who took the Blame may put one card from their Hand into their Secrets pile.

Now you know how to avoid the Blame. It's time to buy the Game...

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